5 Skills I Improved On While Working as an UberEats Delivery Driver

Life during COVID-19 has caused the number of people turning to online food ordering and delivery services to skyrocket. The global pandemic has directly caused these platforms to be in high demand. Every time I sign-in to work as an Uber delivery driver I am helping to connect hungry customers with delicious meals. Being a worker of the gig economy, there are added benefits such as creating your own schedule and being your own boss. Someone needs to get that hot food delivered to the customer’s door. Below are five skills that I improved on while working as an UberEats delivery driver.

Time Management

Completing deliveries on time is crucial. Obviously, dropping off the food while the meal is still warm is the main principle. Having the ability to stay calm while maintaining safe driving habits and observing all COVID-19 protocols is critical. Since this line of work is centered around times of breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as a driver you’re trying to maximize deliveries during peak hours. Productively managing the pressure and choosing the right area on the map to deliver in is the key.

When I first started delivering for UberEats, I was eager to explore various areas of the city. As a result, I found out which places had a higher frequency of orders as opposed to areas that were slower. I also discovered some areas where the customers wouldn’t tip as much versus others that would tip well. I also weighed the pros and cons of driving out to further areas in contrast to staying local and how much I would gain monetarily but lose because of using more gas. I was able to find that sweet spot of an area that wasn’t too far from me that had a high-volume of orders with customers that tipped well.


I have built the habit of double-checking that an order was correct before leaving the restaurant. Even though packing the food wasn’t a part of my duties, making it a point to verify the order prevents any setbacks from happening later on in the delivery.

There was an instance in my first week of delivering where I picked up an order from a restaurant and they forgot to give me the drink that came with the meal. If I hadn’t double-checked the order displayed on the app, I would’ve driven off and delivered an incomplete order, negatively impacting my driver rating as a result.

Also, keeping up with my routine vehicle maintenance, as well as not having a messy interior to allow plenty of space for my hotbags proved to be beneficial. At times, there would be instances where I would pick up for multiple customers at a time and each of their orders needed to be spaced properly to avoid damage and spills.

Imperative procedures such as avoiding being overdue for an oil change, routinely checking the pressure of my tires before departing for work, constantly vacuuming the seats and floors, as well as disinfecting my steering wheel and door handles were continuous.


Countless hours navigating through peak periods of traffic time in a city such as Los Angeles certainly enhances your driving skills. Even though LA doesn’t have extreme weather conditions that affect the roads, steering through high-populated areas taught me many different routes to avoid traffic. There have been a few instances where I’ve ignored the GPS and relied on my knowledge and instincts.

I can recall a certain order where I was en route to the customer and the app directed me to take the freeway. However, due to my experience driving through that specific area, I knew that it would delay my dropoff by at least ten minutes. My command of the surface streets enabled me to get the meal to the customer quicker, saving valuable time in the process.


Paying close attention to my immediate surroundings to make safe deliveries in all situations was a part of my daily routine. In many cases, I have orders from several of the same locations so I would observe the easiest places to park my vehicle so I can make quick pickups. In addition, sometimes I would make a dropoff for a customer I’ve delivered to before, so I was able to recall the routes to that specific residence which allowed me to not rely on the GPS as frequently which saved me additional time.

Motivating Myself

Having an upbeat attitude reinforced my confidence to go out there and make the most of every shift. It’s more than just driving, it’s about being driven to work independently and being self-employed. Being motivated to put in the hours and miles is central to the job. Especially living through a global pandemic, being able to adapt and to recenter your focus is useful.



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